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A Walk and Workshop day is dedicated to your business, it helps owners or senior teams in creative services businesses and marketing agencies re-energise and plan for success. And feel good doing it. 

This isn’t a networking day with other business owners, this is a day all about you: your plans, your mojo, your success.

“One of the great overlooked superpowers we have is that, when we get up and walk, our senses are sharpened”
Shane O’Mara, Neuroscientist.

  • If you are starting up a creative services / marketing business and need a clear vision, proposition and plan for the early days, the day works for either owners who want to attend on their own, or a startup team who want some ‘neutral’ space and a stimulating environment (the great outdoors) to work through plans.
  • If you are already in operation but are looking for ‘a reboot’.
    You might be stuck in your business growth, may have seen reduced profitability, have others nicking your clients or staff, or you may have an acute ‘loss of mojo’.
Walk and Workshop days are a great way to give yourself and / or your team a fresh perspective and some actionable plans, developed away from your desks.
And particularly for business owners who want to attend on their own, having someone to talk to about the pressures (and let’s be honest, occasional loneliness) of running your own business is invaluable.  

“Mark helped me cement my business ideas into a solid plan and make practical decisions on how to grow my business over the next few months. I’m brimmed with excitement and enthusiasm and can’t wait to get going!”

Jenni Tulip, Agency Owner

Walk and Workshop session with marketing agency owner

The Walk and Workshop format

We’ll aim for the best part of a day but these can be run in tighter half day sessions if you have limited time e.g 9.30 am till 1pm.

We chat before the day itself and I find out what’s on your mind (and yes, probably keeping you up at night!).

Depending on the direction of that conversation, I’ll then shape the right kind of workshop element for the day.

That means we’ll use on one or more workshop techniques and tools (the ones most appropriate to you, to get to the ‘solution’ and the next-steps plan of action).

The workshop (complete with post-it notes, sharpies, flip charts et al) will typically be two to three hours.

Before the workshop, we’ll have kicked things off with a walk out into the lovely West Yorkshire countryside, to free up our thinking and to talk things through in broader terms.

Tailor the day to your needs

We can focus on any blockage or indeed potential opportunity you want to address: whether that’s looking at your services, your marketing, your value proposition, your ideal clients, your plans for growth in the next 3 years, a rebrand …

You set the scene for the main focus of the day* when we first talk and I’ll arrange the rest (which includes getting to an end of day plan of action).

(* that’s the focus but we may uncover other things as the walk and conversation develops..)

What you'll get from it

  • A space (indoors and out) to focus on the things that are holding you and your business back.
  • Blue sky thinking (even when it might be a bit grey).
  • Free-flowing thoughts and structured planning (not a contradiction) using a range of coaching tools and techniques.
  • Focus on key areas important to you, this isn’t a generic seminar .. it’s for you and your business.
  • An output plan. 
  • Your mojo back. 

Where we'll be

For the walk element (and dependent on what you tell me about your level of fitness) we’ll walk one of 3 or 4 routes out from Marsden, West Yorkshire. They’re a mix of towpath, woodland, farmland and moorland walks .. ranging from 2 to 6 miles.

The 6 mile walks are more challenging and we’ll be out for around 3 hours, but you really will  ‘get away from it all’ and have the chance to reflect on where you are with your business.

Marsden is close to the M62 and other major roads, and is easily accessible by rail from Manchester, Leeds and further afield.

Your Workshop Coach and Walk Leader

  • I have 30 years in total in the marketing agency world
  • The last 8 years of which have been coaching creative businesses and agencies of all sizes and types
  • I’m Smart Insights’ Agency Growth Hub Author
  • I’m a Trained Walk Leader
  • I’m a Walking Festival Organiser
  • I love helping creative businesses thrive!
Mark Kelly in Ad Agency

Investment required

Agency / Businesses Founder / MD: £450. 
For each additional team member joining you (if you want a team day): £175.

Not For Profits and some Start Up situations: please contact me.

The fee covers a lot:

  • Me running a short ‘Discovery’ session on the phone / skype with you before the day. Then doing some prep to flex the workshop element accordingly.
  • Guiding the conversations (and us!) on the walk… but allowing ideas to flow.
  • The workshop itself.
  • The workshop room, all materials, coffee, a light lunch and snacks. And if you want, an end of day pint in the excellent Riverhead Tap after the workshop. 
  • Providing an hour of ad hoc follow up after the day to check you have progressed with the day’s output and helping you unblock any areas that have stalled you.

Book Now. I'll get back to you to arrange a good date for you and ask a few initial scene-setting questions for the workshop.

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