Supporting an agency transformation programme

I sometimes work alongside another organisation that supports agencies in their growth ambitions.
In the last year that has included Form and their Amplify programme and Matt Essam with his freelancer and small agency workshops.

And for summer this year, I’ll be supporting ‘Your Best 12 Weeks’. This is an agency transformation and business growth course designed to accelerate an agency’s performance to meet their business goals.

If you are a UK agency with a team size of 3 – 14 and want to work with other owners in a guided peer-to-peer group, then consider this programme. I don’t run a peer group programme, tending to work directly with agencies. So this is an interesting initiative to be part of.

It’s run by Robin Williams – from Data Hive. Robin and I first met a couple or more years ago and I went onto sponsor one of his agency new business research reports. We also had an interesting discussion around launching agency services.

Vlog interview on launching Creative Agency Services as part of agency transformation planning
Robin and I talking back in 2018, his blog post from the time described me as amiable.. I look a bit serious here though!

With those agency transformation engagements mentioned above, I’m not the primary coach/consultancy. But with 20,000 (ish) agencies of all types in the UK alone, it is doubtful I would meet some / any of the participant on those programmes in any case. By that I mean that I’m not cannibalising my own new business. And it also means I can share my experience and help (I hope!) a bigger audience.

Revenue is important of course and being frank I could earn more dealing direct in some cases. But as I say, I would probably not meet these particular agencies otherwise and I genuinely get a buzz from helping creative thinkers and doers run profitable businesses, wherever the introduction has come from.

For more info on the #YourBest12Weeks programme ->


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