Personal Branding and you – a great infographic

The post is about your personal branding. And mine.

If you read my blog, you probably work in (or own) a creative or marketing agency or are a client marketer. It doesn’t matter at what stage of your career you are at: you should be attending to your personal branding.

And that means more than the LinkedIn profile languishing in the corner.

Why am I talking about this?

I just started reading The Road To Recognition: a book that takes you through an A – Z of building ‘brand you’. 

Search #theroadtorecognition and you’ll see a fair bit of buzz about the book.

I’m taking part in the book launch closed group on Facebook.
So, disclaimer – I have a free pre-release kindle version of the book.

Now, I have a stack of books to read, some marketing related but others are outdoorsy, sci-fi and ancient history (mostly western europe Neolithic, fyi).

[Sharing that I don’t just read marketing books – tick in the ‘A is for Authentic’ box for me.]

Anyway, there are about fifteen books waiting in the paper or kindle stack (so many books not enough time, eh?).

But I wanted jump in to take part and read this book straight away, for a few reasons:

  • Like all professional services folks, I am my brand.
    I’m a creative / marketing agency growth consultant (I coach agencies in ways, to grow and / or be more profitable). And I’m also a digital marketing consultant. The two are often entwined.So it’s great having a guide to (a) check against the things I have done to date and (b) to learn about areas I hadn’t thought of.
  • The central tenet of the book (or my first take on it) resonated: you should do everything you can to build our own profile and brand (no one does that for you) but you should do that with authenticity and integrity.
  • I want to serve my clients better:
    I work with creative and marketing agencies (and some brands) and the key players (owners, marketing directors etc) for that business need to nurture their personal brand as much as the ‘corporate brand’. I can think of many high-profile agencies who have equally high-profile leaders. People who have really strong personal brands. I’m hoping this book will give me some tips (and a framework) to better serve my agency clients.
  • I have followed one of the authors for a while. Barry knows his SEO and inbound marketing and I like his style (a.k.a brand). So I trusted that this book would be a quality product.I didn’t know Seth, the other author,  but a quick Google check and looking at his video on the Facebook closed group showed me a knowledgeable, professional and ‘warm’ guy. Again – a coherent, authentic personal brand in action.

Btw: If you Google me (just my name) you’ll see that I appear somewhere on page 3 under a mountain of links to Mark Kelly, Astronaut. In fact I sometimes get stray tweets meant for him.

I can’t compete with that but I can do more to be found. The book will help me with that, I’m sure.

Having just started the book, I already have a lots of notes and ideas, the sign of a great new resource!

*UPDATE: I’m halfway through and that pile of notes has grown.*

Take a look at the Road to Recognition site for more information.

The lessons from the book are summarised in a useful infographic that the guys have produced.

Below is a snippet but for the full infographic look at the link above.

Personal Branding Road To Recognition infographic snippet

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