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I was at the third Northern UX (hence, NUX3) conference today, along with 500+ other folk.

It was great. I got something out of every talk.

So whilst I did that thing of mentally ticking off stuff I knew (always a relief, never a smugsville thing), I also picked up a lot.

New approaches to teamwork in UX/usability/service design, workshop/research catalyst ideas, book suggestions, ways of thinking about wider (eco)systems.

A call to arms to stop thinking site / P\page design and to start thinking systems (e.g Google Now / Twitter cards).

And more.

It was a great speaker lineup.

Have a look at @benholliday@LjkFountain@fransgaard@BeKalerFH@userfocus , @padday@chudders@morville.

The talk I thought might be a bit crowbar-ed in was focused on recruitment (from Be).

But it too generated ideas (in that I sometimes help clients with recruitment selection).

So that meant a full house of useful/stimulating talks.

Good stuff, cheers NUX and Manchester Digital.

NUX3 UX Conference

I’m going to give you a poor reader experience and not summarise it all here. Sorry.

Search #NUX3 on Twitter and keep an eye out for the slide shares coming out in a few days.

And have a look at the excellent sketchnotes from today by Chris Spalton (I spotted his tweets at the event).

He summarises each talk wonderfully.

I made some summary notes but they don’t fall into the legible/ helpful sketchnote camp. So I’ll spare you.

Instead, here’s a link to Intertwingled, keynote speaker Peter Morville’s new book.

It’s in my kindle to-read folder.

If it’s as good as the talk, it’ll be really stimulating.


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