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Last Friday was I went to the jam-packed NUX2 event, run by Northern UX and supported by a host of organisations  (@sageuk @amazeplc @ukmediapsych @computerlovers @wearesigma @thoughtworks) and co-managed by Manchester Digital.

If you want to skip straight to the speaker info and their presentations follow the Northern UX link above as they’ve been adding to the site as this week has progressed.

As I headed home (well, via the bar, along with some industry compadres) : my main thought was ‘good work peoples’. It was a great event. With a great mix of designers, developers, producers, planners etc (based on the people I chatted to). And there were a lot of great tips and insights to mull over. I’ve always been interested in usability and UX (brief roundup here) and run both small and larger / international scale projects but not done so much recently, so I’m glad I got a ticket for this sold-out event.

The Speakers:

The speakers were top-notch, with great insights from each of them and no sales-pitches masquerading as sharable wisdom, which is always a bonus 😉

NUX2 Speakers montage - Mark Kelly

  • Mike Atherton (reduxd) – the building blocks of brand (weaving those into UX through your authentic brand personality and stories). Slides here:

  • Jane Murison (BBC) – Creator Modes, Editor Modes and ugly babies. And why you’re never ‘too senior’ or experienced to not need some research input :

  • Jamie Trollope (DVLA) – nice analogy with Tough Mudder and being the participant not just the map reader


  • Joe Leech (CX Partners) – the UX of Forms, a great talk and Joe clearly knows his stuff . He referenced a cheat sheet in the talk, linked here:

  • David Hamill (Skyscanner) – A big bag of usability testing tips indeed:


  • Marc Mcneill (Trader Media Group) – very (very) high energy talk on all things UX – how UX can be successfully embedded into teams and organisations and a reminder to challenge sacred cows


  • Susan Weinschenk – Audience participation! Didn’t Susan know we were brits?! 😉 Susan covered 7 drivers to human motivation and applying those to UX . A great presentation. I’m buying the book.


There was core ‘theme’ of a continual search for excellence (effectiveness) in the planning and ‘doing’ of UX –  but also the use of Agile frameworks jumped out a lot for me. And in some cases really Agile as in no PM / BA etc.. just the Design and Dev guys and an active / sharing client.

Here are some additional links:

> tweets from and after the day :

> and also really helpful aide-memoires (or overview, if you weren’t there) as sketchnotes from:

Chris Spalton (his Flickr account)

Francis Rowland (his Flickr account)

– nice set of sketchnotes sirs.

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