New business approaches (for agencies and for me)

New business approaches: there’s no silver bullet and it’s worth testing some new things every now and again. Particularly when you have your ‘core’ approaches up and running.

What to do will depend on what works for you (see the traction approach), and is something I talk to my agency clients about.

In my case, I thought I should look at my own new business approaches, so I sponsored the latest market insight report from Data Hive.

Here’s a conversation that Robin from Data Hive and I had earlier this year, around agency services, which is where the sponsorship conversation grew from:

This particular insight report from Data Hive focuses on marketing and creative agencies in Leeds and analyses how the 200+ agencies it reviews use their own websites to engage and convert new business leads.

Report findings

Without giving the game away there’s much to do for a lot of those agencies: The cobbler’s shoes syndrome: agencies are so busy focusing on client work they often neglect themselves.

Back to this new business initiative for me:
as Data Hive say (essentially the pitch to me): “We work with consultancies to build brand authority through the creation of industry-specific insight reports that are the foundation for lead generation to boost business growth and increase ROI x5.”

Next steps for you – and me.

Helping agencies market themselves is just one of the things I do to help them launch, reboot, consolidate or grow.

And with the report just launched I’m looking to capitalise on the investment to get the return (the R for the I).

Here comes the offer:

And if you are one of the agencies in the report, I’ll invest my first 2 hours of discovery time with you, for free.

Give me a shout to find out more.

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