Launch of the Agency Thinking Podcast

I recorded a six-part podcast over the summer with the irrepressible Dave Thackeray from Word and Mouth. The premise behind the podcast was that I talked Dave through the things he should be thinking about as he launched his content consultancy.

How it started

Dave and I worked as consultants on different projects in the central marketing team of Manchester Metropolitan University but were desk neighbours. And aside from enjoying lots of banter, we realised we had something in the idea of a podcast that explained my ‘Agency Growth framework’ at the same time as helping him launch (or pivot, in truth) his content consultancy.

And it didn’t hurt that Dave has been in the podcast world since day 1 and is a podcast awards judge. I could and did learn a lot from him (and you could too).

A podcast for Agency Owners


The podcast should be helpful for agencies big and small as well as any other commercial creative services provider, we cover things like Value Propositions, Pricing and really knowing your intended customers through Persona work.

In season 1 we talk through the areas that co-host Dave needs to address (including those above), to successfully launch his content consultancy: setting goals, defining target audiences, pricing services, how to focus on new business and more.

Episode summaries and any external resources that we mention are on the Agency Thinking podcast page.

“Welcome to Agency Thinking, your guide to starting or rebooting an agency or bringing the agency mindset into your organisation.”

There’s a bit more about the idea behind the Agency Thinking podcast on the Manchester Digital website. And you can listen to the podcast on a few platforms now including Anchor, Apple podcasts, Pocket Casts and Spotify.

And Chartable had us in the top 200 management podcasts in the UK(no. 68, to be precise, at the time of publishing this post) : just a couple of weeks after launch, which is great.

Let me know what you think!

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