Keeping your agency up on digital marketing developments

How does your agency keep on top of digital marketing developments?

Maybe less of an issue if you’re a specialist shop (maybe).

But from experience, it’s a challenge for a lot of folks.

You want to have a solid feel for what’s not just ‘new’ but what might have a great impact on your clients’ businesses.

I recently created a new guide for the Smart Insights website – looking at how agencies can approach keeping up with what’s new in digital marketing.

Seeing the ongoing change in digital marketing as overwhelming and making like an Ostrich isn’t an option.

And nor is just randomly dipping in and out of news sites or Twitter to try to find something shiny for that next client meet.

That approach can be (a) overwhelming and (b) unproductive – you may miss what’s important now to your clients.

Every guide needs a good quote and on this occasion I tapped up Aristotle:

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”

By that I meant that staying up with what’s new in digital is less about consuming news updates and more about turning those updates into insights.

You need an agency-wide approach to generating those Insights, to spark ideas that’ll help clients grow their brands and supporting marketing activity.

So why should you and your agency look to create a framework for keeping up with digital?

I go into more detail in the guide but I see the benefits as:

  • It will allow you to keep ahead of clients.
  • Having a framework and making that part of your agency culture will enthuse your team.
  • A structured approach to looking at what’s new in digital gives you the fuel you need to light content fires (for your own inbound marketing).
  • Being well-versed in leading edge digital thinking and services aides account growth and new business initiatives.

Here’s the link to that Guide page, I hope it’s helpful for you.

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