Inside Track: the PPC specialist

The agency role in the spotlight this time is with Martin Davies, PPC specialist and owner of Colossal Search, a PPC agency. Colossal Search plans and manages PPC accounts across all biddable media platforms (which includes Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter).

Your Granny is on an elevator: can you explain your role in a sentence?

I place advertisements for companies Google and other search engines

We’re chatting over coffee: what’s the expanded explanation of your role?

Companies will talk to me about their products and services that they want to promote on search engines. I research keywords that people are using in search engines to find their products and services and create adverts to meet these searches that show in the search engine results pages (SERPS)

When someone clicks on an advert they pay a fee to Google hence Pay Per Click (or PPC for short). Once we have data in on what keywords people are clicking and using to convert into sales, we can make adjustments as to how much we pay for clicks to make sure that the company that the PPC campaign is for turns a profit.

Optimising a campaign is an ongoing effort to maximise returns for their spend.

How did you get here in this role? … And what keeps you doing it?

Like a lot of people in the industry, I fell into it. After university, I got a job in a digital agency doing SEO and then moved into doing PPC. That’s over 11 years ago now.

The digital landscape is always changing which makes the work varied. Plus with PPC and Google being a relatively new sector things change regularly which keeps things interesting.

Seen any new techniques or approaches coming on board in PPC that clients should think about? 

I think the next biggest thing is going to be in tracking technology so not directly in PPC but it’ll change how we optimise campaigns. There are various different methods currently used in tracking where a sale comes from.

As there are usually so many touch points used before someone buys a product or service, how that sale revenue is distributed to the different touch points of the customer journey is very complex and important to understand.

With machine learning and technology improving more accurate tracking technology is going to come into play for companies with all sizes of budgets.

Grab your crystal ball: In a sentence or two, how do you see PPC evolving in the next 12 – 24 months?

See point above. Optimisation techniques will develop as we understand how much impact different keywords have on each sale.

How do you keep current and up to date?

My own learning on accounts, through contacts at Google and through reading trusted websites/

Have you got any advice for up and coming PPC or digital media practitioners to help them be as effective as they can?

Keep learning and testing as everything is changing so fast all of the time.


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