Digital Project Management – UK Conference 2014

I was at the DPM:UK14 Digital Project Management Conference a week or so ago – I’m only just getting around to writing about it. But that means there have, in the meantime, been some excellent reviews / round ups from others and they capture the day and the insights splendidly. So that’s my get out of jail card – a short post from me with some links to great write-ups.

As I walked into Comedy Store (great venue) in Manchester at the start of the day, the sound system was playing Dreamer by Supertramp:
“Dreamer, you stupid little dreamer; So now you put your head in your hands, oh no!”.. bit harsh, Comedy Store. Project Managers start projects with huge enthusiasm, dreaming of balancing the perfect project methodology with clear client briefs, creative nailed first time, dev and marketing teams all working harmoniously.. but often .. well, you get the gist. Anyway, it raised a wry smile at the registration desk.

I really enjoyed every speaker, it was a faultless conference. It started strongly with an engaging presentation and a (big) list of all kinds of good tips from Brett Harned. Only one of those tips (to my mind?) was focussed on knowing methodology inside out. E.g important though methodology expertise is (whatever your approach of choice is in the ongoing Agile vs Waterfall debate), a PM needs to focus on a whole range of other things too, to be effective (and happy).

DPMUK Brett Harned happy Cog project Management
DPMUK : Brett Harned


And it carried on in a similarly engaging and useful way from there on, with a great list of speakers (see the DPMUK homepage below for info).

Some of the presentations are now available on the DPMUK site (follow the 2014 tab):

Words of the day:

Megabeast, Agifall, Pizza

Great write-ups I’ve seen so far:

Simon R Jones (nice guy, sat next to him) from Studio24 :

Rebecca Troth’s blog post on DPMUK.

Actually, there are others listed on DPMUK site (see the link above)

It’s at this stage I say ‘I’m not a Project Manager but’.. as in I’m not Prince2 or Agile accredited/licensed to thrill .. I used to manage PMs rather than be one but I do get involved in project governance and have a point of view.  So the conference was really good to attend.

Being able to keep all the people/time/budget/collaboration/curveball factors in effective harmony is a difficult job and hats off to those great PMs who do just that.

There seemed to be PMs from across the UK there so well done to Manchester Digital and the NW PM guys in pulling it together.


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