I work with agencies who want to grow.

‘Grow’ can mean lots of things. Grow in size, profitability, services, client satisfaction…

What the agencies I work with have in common is the desire to not rest on their already-impressive laurels and to be even better for their clients.

I will have helped them with either:

– Launching digital marketing services and equipping their teams (through training) accordingly.
– Boosting what they already offered with better processes, charging structures, reporting.
A complete reboot or sometimes just fine-tuning the operational stuff.
– Attracting new work: e.g evaluating where they were in the market, what they stood for, how they got their proposition out into a crowded marketplace and how they attracted the right kind of business for them.

Much of what I do for agencies and the clients that they serve is NDA’d. But see the agency growth page for some example engagements.

Saj Manzoor McCannI have worked with Mark for a number of years during his roles as Digital Client Services Director and Operations Director.

Mark has substantial experience in maintaining client focused relationships whilst delivering effective strategic marketing solutions. This is balanced by a clear business focus which has delivered profitable returns for the agency. Mark’s knowledge of the application of digital technologies to achieve marketing solutions is second to none.

Sajad Manzoor, CFO & COO McCann London

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