Augmented Reality – back to the future

Layar AR demo phone Augmented Reality

Note – this is a blog post from 2014 with some updates from 2018. I’ve been looking at new tech / innovation in retail with an agency client. And it seems that Augmented Reality is back on the blocks as interesting (and inherently more viable) tech. Improved technology, smoother ux and ubiquitous of social media now allow for marketing opportunities that can really scale. I …

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AI in Marketing – how will it disrupt the agency world?

AI in Marketing image ROBOTLAB Writing Robot

  There’s been a fair bit of commentary recently about the accelerating development of AI in Marketing. Wider conversations about Artificial Intelligence have gone beyond the uh-oh moment of Watson winning game shows etc. And I got to thinking about what that might mean in my industry. What does the rise of AI in Marketing, in all aspects of the business, mean for marketing communications …

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