Buyer Personas

Mark Kelly blog examples of Buyer Personas

I’ve had ‘update your Buyer Persona post’ languishing in my list of stuff-to-write for a while now. Having run workshops for both agencies and brand clients over the last 18 months, I thought the original post from 2013 needed a refresh. Although much if not all remains valid. This isn’t that refreshed post. This is a nod to that original post (see link …

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A website build and digital marketing framework

I thought it might be helpful for some agencies (and also client marketers) to put this one page ‘framework’ out there. Why a website build / digital marketing framework? I’ve worked with a range of marketing agencies over the years who have had differing degrees of technical / digital marketing know-how in-house. For established pure-play digital marketing or website design and …

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What’s Influencer Marketing? Some useful resources

Speakers Corner photo to illustrate Influencer Marketing blog post

As seems to happen (or it’s just my pattern-spotting mind), the same subject came up a lot in the last few days: Influencer Marketing. I had three conversations of varying lengths on the subject. One was more a show-and-tell / training session I have with an agency client. The others were in the elevator pitch / explainer camp though. The …

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