Quick note on the agency discovery process

Agency Discovery team meeting Startup Stock Photos

Just a short post to actually highlight a longer one I wrote in 2014 about the agency discovery process and how agencies (a) can get clients on board with running these and (b) how to charge for them and (c) research sources and workstreams. This post started out as a quick LinkedIn video update but I thought I would expand …

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Inside Track: the PPC specialist

Martin Davies PPC specialist agency role spotlight

The agency role in the spotlight this time is with Martin Davies, PPC specialist and owner of Colossal Search, a PPC agency. Colossal Search plans and manages PPC accounts across all biddable media platforms (which includes Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter). Your Granny is on an elevator: can you explain your role in a sentence? I place advertisements for companies Google …

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Keeping your agency up on digital marketing developments

Photo from Pixelbay to illustrate keeping up with digital

How does your agency keep on top of digital marketing developments? Maybe less of an issue if you’re a specialist shop (maybe). But from experience, it’s a challenge for a lot of folks. You want to have a solid feel for what’s not just ‘new’ but what might have a great impact on your clients’ businesses. I recently created a …

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