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I’ve had ‘update your Buyer Persona post’ languishing in my list of stuff-to-write for a while now.

Having run workshops for both agencies and brand clients over the last 18 months, I thought the original post from 2013 needed a refresh. Although much if not all remains valid.

This isn’t that refreshed post.

This is a nod to that original post (see link below) galvanised by having just read the new LinkedIn for Business’s ‘Attention Is A Currency’ ebook.

It’s essentially an ad for Linkedin’s set of powerful reach and lead nurturing tools, which need to be fueled by great content (your bit).

Written by Brian Solis, illustrated by Hugh Macleod, it’s a pithy read and worth a download, here’s the link:

Intent and Buyer Empathy are themes in the ebook.

What isn’t explicitly mentioned (it’s late, I read it in one go – I should double check) is the role of Buyer Personas (and the work you do to create them) to generate that empathy in order to create genuine, useful, engaging content.

Hence the chain of thoughts that leads to this short post.

And here’s the Buyer Personas post from a couple of years back.

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