A Business Blog is important

I have two blogs and I’ve been blogging in various iterations for about 12 years now. One of them is a hobby / interest thing (hiking – halfwayhike.com) but this here business blog, the one you are reading, helps explain who I am, what I’m interested in, offers useful (so I’m told, phew) content and either obliquely or sometimes directly gets me work.

So in my direct experience, having a business blog is important. And for a couple of my clients, having a blog as the ‘hub’ for content creation and sharing has directly contributed to their customer recruitment endeavours.

There’s more to content than long-form blogs of course but having a blog is imperative I think. My previous justifications / thoughts on that statement are grouped here.

All that said, I don’t blog enough and I’m guessing that you (either an Agency or a brand / organisation) don’t either.

So basically this post came about because of my huge sense of failure on realising that some people are blogging every day. I just about manage once a fortnight. To cut myself and you some slack, the daily bloggers are taking part in the Hubspot 30 day challenge.

The idea being that really (really) consistent blogging gets you noticed, read, valued and ultimately gets you leads / business.

It isn’t just about the frequency though. And once a day is extreme. But the principles stack up : create genuinely useful content and you’ll get stand out from the white noise of messaging we are surrounded by.

I tweeted the link / info on those Hubspot blogging tips, have a read :

Hubspot 30day blogging challenge tweet

Those ongoing tips on blogging and getting your content creation mojo going are here > business2community.com

Let me know via the comments box if you have a business blog or if not, why not ..
and if you need help setting up a content plan, pulling personas together to help your efforts etc, then please just shout.

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