Board Advisor with Greater Connected Amplify

I’m really pleased to be supporting the Greater Connected Amplify programme as one of the Board Advisors to the initiative. #AgencyGrowth in action.

Amplify sits within the Business Growth Hub’s ‘Greater Connected’ programme, focusing on Manchester / Greater Manchester based digital, creative and tech agencies and businesses.

The BA team and the guys behind Form, who are delivering the whole thing, are a really experienced, formidable (but, hey, friendly) bunch and I’m learning lots, as well as I hope (!) providing some value.

I’ve been coaching agencies for a few years now.

But there are approaches (like the design sprint methodology, which is being delivered by A&JSmart alongside Form) that are new to me. And Form’s approach to workshops and mentoring is excellent. All will help me (along with reading Hacking Growth which I’ve consumed and got giddy about of late) to up my game where appropriate with new and future clients.

Always be learning, kids.
And delivering value. Don’t forget that.

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