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The Agency Thinking podcast

The Agency Thinking podcast is your guide to starting or rebooting an agency or creative business, or bringing the agency mindset into your organisation. 

In Season 1 we talk through the areas that co-host Dave Thackeray needs to address to launch his content consultancy.

Agency Thinking is produced by Dave’s excellent content business, Word and Mouth.

Episodes and Show Notes

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The episode overviews are below and any resources mentioned during the show will be added under each.

Episode 1: Introduction to Agency Thinking

Mark and Dave kick off the season with a look at Dave’s vision for his Content Consultancy and discuss how the framework that Mark uses could help Dave approach the launch of his business in an effective way.

Resources mentioned in Episode 1.

The AgencyPLUS Growth Framework

Episode 2: What’s the plan, Dave? A goals framework for your business.

Dave is about to launch his content consultancy – and potentially a fledgling agency – so Mark talks him through structuring his ambition for that, using a goals framework.

Resources mentioned in Episode 2.

Growing Accounts

Episode 3: Are you talking to me? The power of Buyer Personas

Being (really) clear about who your ideal client is will put you in great shape, as you grow your creative business / agency. Mark talks to Dave about a practical approach to defining and visualising his ideal clients: his Buyer Personas.

Resources mentioned in Episode 3.

An old Buyer Persona resource from me but still valid!
A guide to Personas from Smart Insights. 

Episode 4: Creating Value Propositions – put in the work and reap the rewards

In this episode Mark talks Dave through Value Propositions: what they are and why you need one. And explains how Dave can then ‘unpack’ them in his marketing collateral. VPs are as useful (and important!) to a startup as an agency looking to reboot.

Resources mentioned in Episode 4.

Episode 5: Focus your New Business…

Dave had fairly fixed ideas on how to attract new business to his startup, which Mark (constructively!) challenges and lays out a workshop approach he uses, based on the Traction / Bullseye book from Gabriel Weinberg.

Resources mentioned in Episode 5.

Episode 6: What price Awesome?

You provide great services and offer an evidenced difference to your clients.. but how do you put a price on that? Mark walks Dave through some thoughts on how to price your services. Including the perennial agency world discussion around ‘Value’ versus time-based fees.

Resources mentioned in Episode 6.

Mark Kelly and Dave Thackeray podcast
Mark Kelly and Dave Thackeray podcast