Resources to help you grow your agency

This is a curated list of agency growth / agency partner consultants, coaches, bigger firms, podcasts, platform vendors and more.
I’m not advocating that you engage them for their services, I’m recommending that you read or listen to what they have to say about our collective industry.

I cover all areas of ‘agency growth’ support but I’ll refer you to someone more specialist (e.g. finance) if appropriate.
And I put together this big list of agency growth resources in the spirit of helpfulness e.g. you don’t have to engage with me or even let me know you were here  (be nice if you did though!) .. just help yourself to all the blog posts, podcasts, books and videos via the links to these clever folk.

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Smart Insights Agency Growth Toolkit

Smart Insights have a huge amount of digital marketing learning materials AND a specific section that supports agency growth.

I write the majority of the content for the Agency Growth Hub section for Smart Insights agency members to use.

But I also work directly with agencies, so you can engage with me here if you want to move on from the online guides.

Agency Growth Coaches and Consultants

Larger agency growth consultancies

Agency marketing systems / platform providers

who serve (and write about) agencies

Finance or Legal service insights for Agencies

Agency owner communities / networks

Agency owner and senior team development

Agency owners can often be ‘accidental leaders’, here are some books and courses I have come across that hopefully help you to develop.

Note .. where these are books, I’ve provided straight links, not affiliate links, click with impunity.

Account Handler development

Account handlers (or client services, terms vary) are the bedrock of great agencies (alongside awesome creatives, genius coders and data and media experts of course!).

But they can often come straight out of college or university and be thrown in, as an exec, into the deep end with little or no training across a range of skills. Or if we’re talking about undergraduates or school leavers / apprentice level looking to move into marketing and the agency world, they’ll be asking questions like: what does a creative agency account manager do? What skills should an account manager have?

The organisations below may be of help in answering those questions:

And I have resources on my Agency Growth Shop that will serve a fledgeling account handler / account manager well:


Pod and vod casts on #agencylife and #agencygrowth

Intermediaries / directories

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