Below is a curated list of consultants, coaches and firms that help creative and marketing agencies survive and thrive.

I know you may not be ready to work directly with a coach or consultant. So I put this resource together in the spirit of helpfulness, as you look to boost your creative or marketing agency’s fortunes.

The links are mostly straight to their blogs but within some of the sites you’ll find a great mix of videos, podcasts and presentations as well as long form insight.

Read enough blogs, binged on YouTube and now want some support?

Please get in touch if you are looking for an independent and experienced agency growth coach.

I focus on both growing your digital services and fixing your operational stuff.

Smart Insights Agency Growth Toolkit

The first place to look if you want to go it alone is the excellent Smart Insights site. They have a huge amount of digital marketing learning materials AND a specific section that supports agency growth. I write the majority of the content in that section for Smart Insights members to use. But I also work directly with agencies so you can engage with me here if you want to move on from the online guides.

Agency Growth Coaches and Consultants

Larger agency growth consultancies

Marketing systems / platform providers

who serve (and write about) agencies

Finance or legal services for Agencies

Agency Owner communities / networks

Agency owner / senior team development

Agency owners can often be ‘accidental leaders’, here are some books and course I have come across that hopefully help you to develop

Account Handler development

Account handlers (or client services, terms vary) are the bedrock of great agencies (alongside awesome creatives, genius coders and data and media experts of course!).

But they can often come straight out of college or university and be thrown as an exec straight into the deep end with little or no training across a range of skills. The organisations below may be of help in rectifying that: