Agency growth support. For marketing agency owners who want to survive and thrive, my digital marketing know-how and senior operational experience forms a toolkit that will grow your agency.

Getting the right mix of digital (and wider) services, people, platforms and processes for you – and with an operational approach that makes those services profitable – that’s the goal I help you achieve.

Mark is a consummate professional, he works hard and gets Digital, across all its many platforms. He is easy to work with, adds real insight and value and is fun all the way along . Mark has that rare skill of having genuine experience, knowledge and expertise in both the traditional and new areas of Data, Direct and Digital Marketing.

Chief Executive at Brass – Marketing Communications Agency

Examples of ways that I have helped agency clients:

  • Taking you through a New Business framework, including defining a robust value proposition.
  • Ensuring you have processes and job management in working order!
  • Providing digital skills and team training (e.g confident account handlers grow more business).
  • Helping you with team selection.
  • Looking at your client satisfaction and retention strategy.
  • Taking you through effective account growth planning
  • Helping you find specialist digital services partners.
  • Reviewing and improving your pricing models and profitability.

Helping you with your clients

I also work directly for agencies on projects for their clients.

Some example projects in last few years include:

  • Devising and running social media training workshops
  • Creating blueprints / content plans and managing content on an ongoing basis: B2B and B2C.
  • eCRM and eCommerce strategy creation.
  • Market audits on world class CMS solutions
  • Inbound marketing strategy and blog launches in the B2B market
  • Assisting on new business initiatives

Please get in touch. I know I could help you grow your agency.

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