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I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to agency or marketing industry content. Shiny blogs go into my twitter lists and / or  Evernote and infographics on to Pinterest and I like to read agency or Ad / Digital industry blogs on a fairly regular basis. So a new post about blogs for agencies from Workflowmax caught my eye (actually a post from one of the blogs they include, which I was reading ( caught my eye first). Workflowmax have served up 25 blogs that agencies (or consultant like me) should read.

For smarter working magpies if you will. It looked interesting and I’ve bookmarked it.

Although some of these were already on my blogroll I hadn’t seen them all so this is a nice ‘find’.  And here’s some from me – a semi-random selection from a wider list of blogs I read – and being completely bipartisan e.g I don’t work for all of these agencies, their blogs have just caught my eye at some stage. From the techy to brand / creative through to all things digital marketing. Some of them have better UX than others but all have content that I find entertaining, thought-provoking or just plain nickable useful.

Quirk :

Bloom :

No Pork Pies

Label Media :



Sharp Agency :

My Clever Agency

Click Consult

Beyond :


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