I am lucky enough to love what I do – I help brilliant agencies and creative businesses be even better and thrive.

And I help marketers (client-side and agency) ‘do digital’, better.

I launched my consultancy with no grand vision, just a business plan sketched on an A4 pad, in a pub in Covent Garden.

I still have that one-pager pinned up in my office. The single aim – my ‘Why’- was ‘help others do well in digital and in the running of their agency”. Coaching, Consultancy, Strategy, Training.

Simple as that.

Why this industry?

I’ve always been fascinated by advertising and marketing ever since an extracurricular course I took on the Psychology Of Advertising and Creativity at secondary school.

I went on to do a degree in Psychology but always with an eye on the marketing industry, creating flyers for events and editing the student newspaper.

It was as an undergrad that I found I loved the tech / code side of things too – learning to create and run psychology tests in BASIC.

My first postgrad job – in the marketing department of a media agency on Fleet Street – had one computer which we all shared, with proposal documents being sent to the typing pool.

Yep, that long ago.

I was the one who played about with the computer and figured what it could do for us as a team.

And then from media agency to direct marketing and the world of databases and analytics, up in the heartland of catalogues and home shopping – Manchester.

Then in 1999 I went in to ‘online’ proper. Nu Media, anyone?

The areas that fascinated me then are still the same: the intersection of technology, psychology, analytics and creativity .. managed with a commercial eye.

You’ve read this far, you deserve some light relief..

1980s agency account handler
Me. With Hair. And a tie. Both date the photo as from my early career. Mad Men all over again.