A website build and digital marketing framework

I thought it might be helpful for some agencies (and also client marketers) to put this one page ‘framework’ out there.

Why a website build / digital marketing framework?
I’ve worked with a range of marketing agencies over the years who have had differing degrees of technical / digital marketing know-how in-house.
For established pure-play digital marketing or website design and build shops, this one page framework will look a bit ambitiously simplistic. For a lot of the other 16,000 or so agencies (that’s in the UK alone) who offer ‘digital’ as part of a service mix, I hope it is useful.

How can you condense the various stages of a site build (or for that matter online ad / email etc campaign) into one at-a-glance generic process diagram?

And is it helpful to gloss over of the (ongoing) debates around pure waterfall vs pure agile (or an ‘agifall’ combo) project management to get things delivered successfully?

Well, I have – and it’s apparently been useful for a handful of agencies that I’ve worked with. The diagram helps to explain the process to clients or to orientate their non-digital teams. Helping them with their agency growth.

The grandparent of this diagram started back in my days at McCann Erickson and our super-shiny, late ’90s team at McCann-i.  There’s nothing unique as such about the 4D or 5D process .. you’ll see lots of agencies use it. But I hadn’t seen it illustrated in a simple one-pager so drafted a version a few years back. And then updated it for a big agency client a couple of years ago. Before and since then it’s been useful as primer for various folk, so I thought I’d share it here.

Each activity has a host of detail/methodology behind it  course. For example ‘Personas’ creation is itself a detailed process. In time I should mark-up each activity with a link to a great resource explaining how to do it.. e.g Smart Insights Persona Guide, or the Content Marketing Institute Persona Guide etc. But for the moment I still think this overview is useful.

Feedback I’ve had is that it helps teams understand what’s involved and when and helps them ‘onboard’ clients for a web or digital marketing project. It also acts as a checklist for estimates creation. If I missed anything out or have definitely been too ambitious in mashing various things together, please shout.

You can download it here:

Digital process framework Aug15


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