Growing digital services in your agency – my talk at Leeds Digital Festival

Are you planning to grow digital services in your agency in the coming months?
Or have you ‘accidentally’ expanded what you offer?

Do you like coffee & pastries on a Monday morning? (I’m buying them, what’s not to like.)

Then have a look at the talk I’m doing as part of Leeds Digital Festival 2018.

It’s all about building your agency’s digital services whilst avoiding the pitfalls.

For logistical reasons, the event will probably suit Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield and the wider Yorkshire region agencies … it’s a 9 a.m kick off on a Monday morning. It’ll be worth your while delaying that start in the office though.

I’ll be talking about how agencies can unpack any potential new offering – so they understand the implications and demands it will generate – before going out to either existing clients or the wider market.

The pitfalls I’ll cover are ones I have seen across all kinds of agency and talked to agency owners about over the past few years.

Book a free seat (and your breakfast) on the link above.

See you there!

Header image: Annie Spratt, Unsplash.

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