3 tips for innovating with social media tools (guest post on @The_FPB)

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How can social media tools help you innovate your business?
As mentioned a while back, I’m supporting the Forum Of Private Business at the forthcoming Business Show at Olympia.

I’ll provide the presentation as a slideshare after the event and add a link to this post but in the meantime I wrote a guest post on the FPB blog and the link is below.

A quick synopsis for the article:

“Social media tools let you innovate faster in two ways: by ‘listening’ to what people might want from a business / brand like yours and by collaborating to create the new (whether that’s a product, service or marketing campaign) when you want to and how you want. And with people inside or outside of your business, in real-time. “

The 3 tips that I expand on in the article are:

– Be open minded (don’t prejudge results or create too narrow a search term list)
– Choose the tools that work for you (get recommendations, test drive the tools that work for you and your business).
– Make time, allocate resources (any social media / tools initiative eats time, be prepared to invest that to see results)

For the whole article please have a look at ‘Using social media tools to innovate your business‘.

In the actual presentation I reference some of the 250 or so tools out in the market.

Do you have any favourites for either ‘listening’ or collaboration (on projects or campaigns etc) with a distributed team. Prefer SproutSocial to Hootsuite? or trying Minigroups rather than Basecamp?

I’d love to know what you’re using.

And maybe see you at the show!

Update from after the show:

The Business Show 2013 #TBS2013
I took a break from the seminars and stands .. a busy venue

I really enjoyed the two days at the show and glad to say my session on each day was well attended (standing room only on the Thursday .. either people were keen to listen or wanted the option of a quick getaway if I was rubbish). I’ll upload the slides to slideshare but in the meantime if you want any help with your content and social media marketing please let me know.

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