Corporate blogging for marketing – good idea? bad idea?

Corporate blogging for marketing – good idea? bad idea?
(actually the question that prompted this quick post was : Do you think there’s any point in a corporate blog?)
Good idea, in my view. For a host of reasons.

Corporate blogging keyboard mouse blog post photo Mark Kelly

It’s a question that has come up recently over on the UK Marketing network group I’m in, on LinkedIn.
And I was a bit surprised as I thought it was a ‘no brainer’ for most businesses.. with caveats of course.

My main caveats would be : make sure you have a plan (themes, objectives etc), make sure you have resource in place to support the work involved and also, finish what you started. Keep going if you embark on blogging. Nothing sadder than an abandoned blog. It really looks poor for both your customers and prospects. As well as cutting of the fuel to your interrelated social media activity.

Speaking of which, this question is really well answered (more than once I think) on the excellent Fuel Lines blog. The blog is focussed on Ad Agency world but the principles, I think, are universal.

Everything I’ve personally experienced over last few years (I’ve been blogging for about 9 years in total, blimey) and also read, points to a blog being a useful, essential, even; hub around which your content marketing / inbound marketing / social media / lead generation (yep I know I’m throwing a lot of terms into the blender here) revolve.
And blog can be long form, image only, video only.. whatever suits best the context of your market and audience.

And whilst I’m blogging in a fairly low-key and woefully sporadic way, my own blog has (a) generated comment from a handful of clients and prospects to the effect that I’m ‘active’ which is equated to ‘worth listening to’, (b) given (I’m told) a sense of my personality (and people buy people) and (c) has been something to create updates to / from other social spaces.
And one of the main reasons I write it is to explore and think about industry themes or issues , it’s been great for that  and has helped me in marshalling thoughts and at times creating presentations over the years.

I’m not saying corporate blogging is for every business (especially if you can’t commit the time and resource needed) but I think those not using a blog are potentially hampered across their combined profile raising, brand building and marketing efforts.

What do you think? Any proof that corporate blogging works for you?
Please answer the quick survey I created below, cheers.