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Mark Kelly growth consultant testimonial digital marketingAgency? I can help you with the profitable growth of your digital services.

I also plan and run digital / content campaigns and site builds. I work with Agencies big and small. Please click here.

Brand or Organisation? I plan and run website builds and campaigns. I train in-house teams in online / social / digital and more: please click here.

I'm a digital marketing consultant, planning and managing all things online for 16 years. I'm passionate about the subject, with deeper marketing experience you'll benefit from. I'm told that hiring me is always a great experience.

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"Mark was an absolute pleasure to work with; honest, straightforward, did what he’d said he’d do when he said he’d do it, really going above and beyond to add value."

"Mark is a great asset to anyone's digital marketing strategy - experienced, knowledgeable and committed. He's also just a great guy to work with." 

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